Viking Values

Have Fun

Did you know that surf lifesaving – although it instills invaluable seamanship skills – is also an outdoor competitive sport, with a vast array of it’s activities taking place on the sand as well as in the surf? At Viking Surf Sports, we want to teach our members about surf safety and beach sports, and will do so in a fun and engaging way.

Be Kind

Whilst some Surf Lifesaving events (such as SUP, Board Events, Flags, Sprints) are individual activities, many other activities both on water safety duty or in competitions, are team activities. Surf Lifesaving and Nippers builds team camaraderie, team spirit and team work, and as such we will endeavour to be kind to our team mates, and recognise each of the unique skills and contributions that each of them bring to the team. 

Try Your Best

We will meet each team member where they are at, and help them to continually strive to do their best and to improve on their personal best.